Checking Driver Schedule

Checking Driver Schedule

Drivers are able to check their schedules from the GroundCloud Driver App, or by logging into the management portal using their driver login information. 

See this article on the Driver Schedule for information on scheduling shifts.

Checking Schedule from the App

Requires version iOS 1.4.16 or Android 1.3.8.
Drivers can see their schedule on the Driver App from the Schedule page.
  1. Log in to the Driver App using your driver account.
  2. Go to the Menu and select the Schedule page.

  3. Scheduled shifts and time off will be shown on this page. Click on any time entry to see the details of the shift.
Pre-Work Mode will allow drivers to log into the GroundCloud Driver App to check their schedule without starting their shift. Drivers will be able to view the Dashboard, Schedule, Notifications, and Settings prior to completing DVIR and Ongoing Safety Training.

Checking Schedule from the Portal

Drivers are able to log in to the portal using their driver login information. 

  1. Log in to using driver login.
  2. Select View Schedule to open the schedule page.
  3. Time entries for shifts, breaks, and time off can be seen from this schedule page.

For assistance with driver scheduling, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 or

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