Contact and Terminals

Contact and Terminals

The Contact and Terminals page lists the primary information for your account.

Contact Information

Name: The name of your company.
CSP ID: The identification number for your company.
Primary User: The owner of this GroundCloud account.
Time Zone: The time zone used for your account.
Contact Address: Primary business address.
Member Since: Date of account creation.

This information can be adjusted by clicking  in the upper right of the page.


The Terminals section will list all terminals that have been associated to your account.

Click  to put in information for a new terminal.

Input the new terminal's Name, Terminal ID, and address information. If you would like this to be listed as your default terminal, check that box at the bottom of the page.

Once information has been input, click  to save the new terminal.

Adjusting Terminal Location

Terminals will be plotted at their listed address by default, however you may want to adjust their location for more effective geofencing. Terminal location can be used with geofencing to automatically start and stop time clocks and trigger inspection reports.

To adjust terminal location, select Edit Details from the Actions dropdown for that terminal.

On the map, click and drag the terminal location pin to the desired location.

Once in place, click  to confirm the new terminal location.

For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 opt2, or at
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