Contract IDs

Contract IDs

Setting up your Contract ID is now easier than ever, and follows assignment of Contracts to Vehicles on your Schedule B .

Getting Started

First step, you will need to create a Contract ID.
1. Navigate to your page and log in.

2. Scroll down the left hand selection panel and select Contract IDs

3. Once on the Contract ID page, you will find selections to add or edit current Contract ID's

4. Click  to input the details of your Contract ID, then  to save the contract.

Adding Vehicles to a Contract

If you have existing vehicles in your account, follow these steps to assign them to a new Contract ID. Newly created vehicles can select from existing Contract IDs on creation.
1. Navigate to the Vehicles page of your portal.

2. Click on a Vehicle ID to open its Vehicle Details page.

3. Click  to edit the vehicle information 

4. Once on the Edit Vehicle page, you can click on the contract ID drop down and pick from the Contract IDs you have added.

5. Click  at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Transfer Vehicles Between Contracts

If you would like to transfer an individual vehicle from one contract to another, follow the steps above to change the contract ID on the Vehicle Details page. 

To transfer all vehicles from one contract to another, go to the Contract IDs page.

Click .

Select the From Contract and To Contract for which you will be moving vehicles.

All vehicles in the From Contact will be moved to the To Contract.

Click  to save your changes.

Contract IDs are used to report VEDR connectivity and monthly Key Indicators. Best practice is to change/transfer contract IDs on the day or day after a new contract goes into effect to maintain proper reporting.

Editing a Contract ID

If your contract ID has changed, follow these steps to ensure your vehicles are assigned to the new contract.
  1. Go to the Contract IDs page of the portal.

  2. Click  on the contract ID you would like to edit.

  3. Edit/update any of the information on this page.

  4. Click  to save changes.
All vehicles assigned to the contract ID will be updated to reflect these changes.

For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 ext2 or

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