Driver Schedule

Driver Schedule

The new Driver Schedule shows all driver shifts and the routes to which they are assigned. From this page you can create and manage your team's shift schedule, assign routes, and plan weeks in advance. Information placed on the schedule is available to drivers when they use their driver account to log into, or when they log into the Driver App. Steps for drivers to check their schedule have been outlined in this article.
Requires Driver App version iOS 1.4.16, Android 1.3.8, or later.

There are two views available for the scheduler, Driver Resource View and Route Resource View. These can be toggled between using the drop down at the top of the page.

Driver View

Driver View shows the schedule by day and driver. 

Using this view, you can click on the schedule to create a new shift for a driver.

In this pop up window, input the start and end time of the scheduled shift, as well as the route to which the driver will be assigned.

Route View

Route View will show the schedule by day and route.

From this view you can click on the schedule to assign a driver to a route.

In the pop up window, select the start and end date of the shift associated to this route, as well as the driver you wish to assign to it.

Copy From Previous

You can now quickly and easily copy a previous week's schedule using the Copy From Previous option in the Driver Schedule.

To start, navigate to the week you would like to schedule.

Click the Copy From Previous button. You will prompted with a dropdown to select any previously scheduled week to duplicate.

Confirm your selection, and click . This will show the selected shifts and time off on your schedule, which can be applied or canceled.

If the selected week looks good, click Apply, and the shifts will be duplicated onto the selected week.

Modifying Shift Entries

Shift entries can be modified by clicking on the shift in your schedule. This will open the details of the shift, and allow you to modify the date, time, and route/driver assignment.

Entry type cannot be changed, but the entry can be deleted and a new one created.

For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 opt 2 or

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