Inspection Settings

Inspection Settings

In this article we will be going over how to create and adjust your Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports.

To set up your DVIR, navigate to the Inspection Settings page page under that section on the left hand side of your portal.

This page contains a list of options with boxes you can check to add them to your DVIR. The first option on the page is to enable DVIR. This will trigger an inspection report to appear on your drivers tablets when they log in to the driver app to begin their route for the day. 

With the reports enabled, you can select which inspection points you would like you would like to be on it. 

When an inspection point is checked to appear on your DVIR, you will have a few options that can adjust how it is responded to in the report.
  1. Required: This will require the driver to input some value in for this inspection point. 
  2. Warn on true/false value: Will send a notification if the driver marks this inspection point as true/false as selected.
  3. Error on true/false value: The driver will not be able to complete the DVIR if true/false is input into the inspection point as selected.
  4. Warn on any value: If anything is input into this inspection point you will receive a notification about the report.
  5. Error on any value: If any value is put into this inspection point, the driver will receive an error and be unable to progress through the DVIR.
  6. Warn if value in range: Will send you notification if a value is put into the inspection point that is between two numbers you specify.
  7. Error if value in range: Will prevent the DVIR from being completed by the driver if the value they input is between two numbers you specify.
Which options you select here give you flexibility to build out inspection reports exactly as you would like them. Some common ways they are used:
  1. You could select 'Warn if value in range' for Tire Tread with range 0 to 4/32 to be notified when a vehicle's tire tread starts to get low.
  2. By selecting 'Warn on any value' and not selecting 'Required' for the Body Damage inspection point, drivers would not have to input anything for Body Damage in the report, and if they do you would receive a notification
  3. Selecting 'Error on any value' and 'Warn on any value' for Fluid under vehicle, would mean the driver would not be able to move past inspection if they mark that there is fluid under the vehicle, and management would be notified
  4. Selecting 'Error on false value' for Turn signals OK would prevent the driver from starting their route if they mark 'false', indicating the Turn signals are not OK.
  5. Odometer and Vehicle ID are commonly marked as required so that maintenance reports and notifications can receive updates.

Completing Inspections

When DVIR has been enabled, the Pre-Trip inspection will be sent to your driver's app when they log in to start their shift. You can adjust how shifts are started from your settings. 
All fields marked as 'Required' in your settings will need to be completed before drivers can progress to their route and manifest data.

Post-Trip inspections will be triggered when the driver returns to the terminal at the end of the day. Geofencing is used to determine when the driver has has returned to the terminal, so their tablet will need to be powered on with cellular connection to trigger the Post-Trip inspection.

If Post-Trip inspections are not triggering properly, it may be that your drivers are not entering the terminal geofence. You can adjust your terminal location so that the geofence more completely covers the areas your drivers return to at the end of the day.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties with this page, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 or

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