Fleet Manager Accounts

Fleet Manager Accounts

In this article we will go over Fleet Manager accounts and their permissions.

A Fleet Manager account is used to access the GroundCloud.io management portal. Fleet Managers may also have a Driver account under a separate login to use the GroundCloud Driver App.

Creating a Fleet Manager

To create a new fleet manager account:
  1. Go to the Fleet Managers page of your portal.

  2. Click the  button in the upper right.

  3. Input the personal information of the new Fleet Manager. Here you will create the Username and Password the new fleet manager will use to log in.

  4. Under Manager Roles, check off the permissions you want the new fleet manager to have.

    Role Manager: Allow fleet manager to modify the roles of other fleet managers.

    Route Manager:
    Allow fleet manager to access and modify route information.
             Access to: Routes, Routes Detail pages, Driver Schedule, Route Schedule, Fleet Map, Messages, Location Updates, Subzones, and Pickups pages.

    Personnel Manager:
    Allow fleet manager to access and edit personnel pages.
             Access to: Drivers, Driver Detail pages, Driver Docs, and Timecards pages.

    VEDR Manager: 
    Allow fleet manager to access and edit VEDR pages.
             Access to: KI Dashboard, Devices, Events, Footage Requests, Driver Scorecard pages.

    Vehicle Manager:
    Allow fleet manager to access and edit vehicle pages.
             Access to: Vehicles and Vehicle Detail pages.

    RouteStats Operations Manager: Allow manager to view RouteStats operational data without viewing financial data.
             Access to: RouteStats - Ops

    RouteStats™ Manager: Allow manager to view all Routestats operational and financial data.
             Access to: RouteStats™

  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to create the new account.

Deleting a Fleet Manager

To delete an existing fleet manager account:
  1. Log into GroundCloud.io using the Owner account.

  2. Go to your Fleet Managers page.

  3. Select the name of the fleet manager you want to delete.

  4. Click the  button, then confirm in the pop up window to delete.

For support with your account, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 or support@groundcloud.com
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