Fleet Map

Fleet Map

The Fleet Map shows locations, speed, and last check-in locations for all drivers in your fleet. Location and speed are updated every 10-15 seconds for active drivers.

In the upper right of the map, you can click the  dropdown to see a list of the last reported speed and time of check-in for each active driver.
Selecting a driver from this list will show their position via a pop up on the map.

Drivers that are currently logged into the Driver App and have internet connection will be displayed on the map with an active icon containing their first and last initial. IE John Smith would be displayed JS.

Clicking on a driver's icon will create a pop up with their name, speed, and last check-in time.

If a driver has logged out, or has lost connection, they will be marked with a greyed out icon at their last known location.
To view inactive drivers on your Fleet Map, click the dropdown and select .

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