GroundCloud Payroll - Company Onboarding FAQ

GroundCloud Payroll - Company Onboarding FAQ


This article addresses frequently asked questions regarding GroundCloud Payroll - Company Onboarding.

Company Onboarding

  • What are the three types of addresses I must have on file?
    • Mailing Address is a location a business receives mail from the government.
    • Filing Address is the address a business has on file with the IRS when they registered their business.
    • Work Address is the location(s) employees are physically performing their work. This may be the same as either the mailing or filing address.
  • When should I cancel service with my current payroll provider?
    • Each payroll provider is different. Before canceling service with your current payroll provider, you should contact them to understand how they handle service cancellations.
    • At the very least, we recommend you confirm:
      • Your current provider has or will handle tax filings for previously completed quarters. (Unless you choose to do this yourself.)
      • How and when billing will be stopped.
    • Billble service with GroundCloud will start when your first payroll is submitted.

Employee Onboarding

  • As an owner, do I add myself as an employee?

    • Yes, if you are paying yourself as a W2 employee and have an applicable GroundCloud compensation type assigned to your GroundCloud profile

    • No, if you have been taking an owner's draw (tax free transfer of money from the company bank account to your personal bank account).

  • Do I add my 1099 contractors as employees?

    • No, 1099 contractors are set up separately and are not supported by GroundCloud Payroll at this time (April 2023).

  • What is my employee's filing status and how do I complete their federal tax withholdings setup?

    • Employees will complete their federal and state tax withholdings as part of the self-onboarding process.

    • Although we cannot advise what to put for an employee’s withholding, we can point you and your employees in the direction of the W4 form and the IRS calculator. A CPA will also be able to give some guidance on this.

Federal Tax Information

  • How do I update the deposit schedule?

    • There’s no need to worry about this. Our payroll partner gets a report from the IRS which automatically matches your EIN to your correct deposit schedule.

  • I put in the wrong EIN number during the onboarding process, can you update it for me?

    • Yes, as long as you haven't run the first payroll. It’s sensitive information so we restrict access, but reach out to the GroundCloud Support team through normal channels.

State Tax Information

  • Where do I find these numbers?

    • You will need to register in the state that your employees are doing work. You can find a step by step guide here.

  • The state won’t let me register for a UI number without a payroll, how do I proceed?

    • The UI number isn’t required to run the first payroll. We just need the UI rate. Just make sure you register for the UI number as soon as you are liable. If you’re a new employer, you can find the new employer rate in the state registration article.

  • The withholding number format I have is different from what is being requested.

    • Make sure you are entering the correct identification number. The terms might be a little different.

  • How long will it take for me to receive my state info?

    • It depends on the state. You can find more information here.

  • I am switching from another provider and they did not require some of the state numbers GroundCloud Payroll is asking for, what should I do?
    • GroundCloud Payroll is prompting for numbers based on exact work location. You may want to check with your previous provider to see if they were taxing you correctly.
  • Can you walk me through the application for the California EDD?

    • We cannot walk you through the application, but you can find more information on the application here.

Bank Account

  • Do I have to use Instant Bank Verification (Plaid)?

    • No, you can verify manually, but it will take longer as verification is done via test deposits.

  • I didn’t get test deposits, what should I do?

    • Call GroundCloud Support to make sure your bank routing and account number match what is in the system. Once we make sure the correct routing/account number is entered, we can resend the test deposits.

  • Is money being taken out of my bank account when verifying?

    • No, a small amount is put in and then that exact amount is taken out. There will be no change in the actual balance.

  • Instant bank verification doesn’t work for my bank and the test deposits won’t go through until tomorrow. I need to run payroll ASAP, what do I do?

    • We need to verify your bank before you can run payroll. As soon as we manually verify your bank account, and your company account is approved, you can run payroll.

Sign Documents

  • Can anyone be the company signatory?

    • The signatory should be someone internally affiliated with the company. It can be anyone who has power of attorney. It is usually the owner of the business.

  • Why does the signatory have to add their SSN to become a company signatory?

    • Because they will be signing legal documents, a light background check is performed to make sure they are who they say they are. That way we can keep that person and their company compliant.

Verify Bank Account

  • How long does the manual bank verification process take?
    • This process will take 1-2 business days. That means that if you set up your bank account today, the test deposits will most likely show up tomorrow.
  • Do I get to keep the money that is put into my bank account?
    • No, the money will be withdrawn.
  • What words will show up next to the deposit in my bank account?
    • “Gusto EBV”


This article is not to be taken as tax, legal, benefits, financial, or HR advice. Since rules and regulations change over time and can vary by location, consult a lawyer, accountant or HR expert for specific guidance.

For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 opt 2 or

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