KI 2 Compliance - Tips and Tricks

KI 2 Compliance - Tips and Tricks

Key Indicator 2 is all about driver assignment. Listed below are some things to consider to help you pass your KI 2 compliance and stay safe! 

If you are utilizing GroundCloud routing services, driver assignment will be automatically pulled from DVIR reports and you should always be passing KI 2! Otherwise, each VEDR event will need a driver assigned to it manually.

Events must have a driver assigned within 4 days of the event in order to remain compliant. Any events not assigned in the 4 day window will count against the KI 2 score. The percentage of events to which no driver has been assigned will not exceed 15%.

Event Types

Here is the list of event types that need to have a driver assigned for FedEx:

Assign a Driver

If not utilizing GroundCloud routing services, drivers will need to be assigned manually.
To assign a driver, navigate to your VEDR Events page and click the event date. 

This will trigger a pop-up window where you can select your driver from the drop down menu and hit Assign.


  1. Total events that have a driver assigned divided by total events that require coaching for the target month.
    E.X you have 
      1. Event 1: Jan 1 - No seatbelt high speed - Driver assigned Jan 3rd - Looks Good! 
      2. Event 2: Jan 10th - No seatbelt low speed - Driver not assigned by Jan 14th - Whoops missed that one 
      3. Event 3: Jan 16th - Distracted driving phone use - Driver assigned on Jan 17th - Looks Good!

        KI 2 score = 1/3 = 33%
        This exceeds the 15% passing threshold and would not be a passing score for this month.

If you have questions on KI2 compliance, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 or

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