Logs Overview

Logs Overview

Logs Overview

The Logs page in your portal is a running list of info of events that happen on your GroundCloud account. Anything that happens, whether that be transferring stops between routes, uploading a manifest, dispatching a route, completing inspections, and more will be listed here along with a date and time.

  1. Route dispatches
  2. Timecard modifications
  3. Stop transfers/stop counts 
  4. Manifest uploads
  5. KI assignments
  6. VEDR event assignments
  7. DVIR
  8. Geofence information

On the top of the page there is a date range and search bar. You can set the date by clicking into the date range field. From there you can sort logs to any date range you would like by selecting dates from the pop up calendar.

You can also type into the search bar to filter events. Using these tools, we can see everything that has happened on specific routes.

In this example, we want to see what has gone on with route 555 in the last week. So, we select the date range, and type ‘route 555’ into the search bar. 

This returns a list of all actions taken that involve route 555 during the selected time period, 12/1/2021 to12/7/2021.

If you are having technical difficulties with this page, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 or Support@GroundCloud.com

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