Maintenance Records

Maintenance Records

Maintenance Records are used to track vehicle maintenance and odometer readings. They can be found on the sidebar of your portal under Fleet Management, or individual vehicle records can be viewed from the Vehicle Details page.

Creating a Maintenance Record

To create a new Maintenance Record, click .

Select the Record Type as either Maintenance or an Odometer reading.


Fill in the rest of the new Maintenance Record details in the pop up window.

By default, new Maintenance Records will be added to your Monthly Maintenance Report (MMR). Uncheck the Add to MMR to exclude the record from your MMR.

Once all fields have been filled, click the  button to create the new record.
It will be listed on the Maintenance Record page, as well as the Maintenance Record section of this vehicle's Vehicle Details page.


To record an odometer reading, click the  button in the Maintenance Record section of the Vehicle Details page.
Set the Record Type to Odometer.

Input the date of the Odometer reading.

Record the odometer at the time of the reading.

Click  to create the odometer record.

Maintenance Record from Work Order

Maintenance Records can be automatically created from closed Work Orders.

Go to the Work Orders page of your portal.

Click the  icon next to the Work Order for which you would like to create a Maintenance Record.

Set the Status to Closed.

Mark the Status to Closed if the Work Order has been completed. Work Orders must be Closed to create a Maintenance Record from them.

Once the Status is Closed, you will have the option to check Create Maintenance Record.

Click  and a new Maintenance Record will be created using the information provided in the Work Order.

By default, records created from Work Orders will be applied to your MMR. To exclude them from the MMR, edit the created Maintenance Record and un-check the Add to MMR option.

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