Manual Manifest Upload

Manual Manifest Upload

In this article we will go over how to manually upload a manifest from the FCC to your GroundCloud portal. This will be necessary if you have not linked your FCC and GroundCloud accounts, or if there are issues with the FCC automated server that are delaying stops from appearing.

FedEx CSP's start here:
First, you will need to download your manifest from FCC.
  1. Login to MyBizAccount (FedEx contractor portal)
  2. Navigate to FCC (FedEx Customer Connection) 
  3. Choose P&D Manifest tab
  4. Select your WA
  5. Choose Delivery Manifest Tab (cannot use Combo manifest as it lacks SID info)
  6. Choose to download the Excel version of Delivery Manifest (see image)
  7. You can only download one WA at a time. 


You can repeat the above steps for all the manifest you need from FCC

Find the DeliveryManifest.xls file(s) (usually located in your Downloads Folder)


Already have your files, start here:

Once you have your manifest downloaded, you can go to your GroundCloud portal to upload it.
  1. Login to 
  2. Go to the Manifest tab

  3. Click Upload P&D Manifests button (upper right corner) 

  4. Choose your file(s) (you can upload multiple files at once)
  5. Select the correct Terminal
  6. Click Continue

GroundCloud will then create the active routes based on the manifest(s) uploaded. You can see the finished routes and info on the Overview page of your GroundCloud account. You can then assign a driver to the route, and it will be ready to run for that day.

Manual uploads create the route based solely on the information in the uploaded file. If adjustments are made in FCC, a new updated manifest will need to be uploaded.

For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 ext2 or
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