Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

GroundCloud offers enrollment in our Mobile Device Management (MDM). When you enroll a tablet in MDM, it allows GroundCloud to send updates and perform remote functions on the device. 

How to tell if your device is already enrolled in the MDM 
Power on your iPad, go to the settings section and look in the top left corner to see that "this device is supervised and managed by Windigo Logistics".

Newly enrolled devices are now enrolled in the new MDM server, and previously enrolled devices will be shifted over to the new MDM automatically. If your devices are enrolled in the new MDM, they will have the Manage Engine application installed.

Lock Tablets for Driver Use
Enrollment in the MDM allows tablets to be locked so that they can only use approved applications. By default, this includes the GroundCloud app and some other mapping applications, but you can also decide to include additional applications.

Locking tablets is not required to be enrolled in the MDM, and tablets can be locked or unlocked remotely once enrolled.

Updating Applications
When a tablet is enrolled in the MDM, applications can be sent and installed on it remotely. App updates are sent to your entire fleet automatically, and you can install any additional applications to all of your tablets at once.

Lost Mode/FindMyiPad
When a tablet is lost, the MDM can send a command for the tablet to enter Lost Mode. This locks the tablet completely, sends a GPS location of the device, and allows a message to be displayed on the screen.

Tablet Updates
MDM can issue commands to your entire fleet of tablets at once. If you need to update them, send a command to all devices to update them at once. 

Enrolling in the MDM
To enroll your tablets in Mobile Device Management, please contact GroundCloud Support for instruction. They can be reached at 218-864-7900 or

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