Overtime Configurations

Overtime Configurations

Overtime Configurations are a GroundCloud Pro feature. To upgrade to GroundCloud Pro, visit https://groundcloud.io/dashboard/billing/tiers/.

The Overtime Configurations page is where you will create overtime payment models for your drivers. They can then be applied to drivers on the Driver Details page.

Creating a New Overtime Configuration

1. Login to GroundCloud.io.
2. Navigate to the Overtime Configurations tab under the Scheduling section.
3. Click  to begin a new configuration or click  next to an existing configuration to edit it.
4. Input the following information:
Configuration Name: name configurations to easily identify them.
Overtime Daily Threshold: the number of hours drivers will work per day before overtime takes effect. 
Double Overtime Daily Threshold: the number of  hours drivers will work per day before double overtime takes effect. 
Overtime Weekly Threshold: the number of hours drivers will work per week before overtime takes effect.
5. Check the Overtime must be paid for all hours on a 7th consecutive work day checkbox if you need to ensure employees are compensated for consecutive shift overtime rules.
6. Check the Exclude breaks when calculating total hours worked checkbox if you want to exclude breaks when calculating total hours worked.

7.Click  to save the configuration.

How to Add Driver Compensation

Driver compensation can be added/adjusted from the Compensation tab of the Driver Details page.
  1. Login to GroundCloud.io.
  2. Go to the Drivers tab.

  3. Click on the driver's name.
  4. Click Compensation from the top menu bar.
  5. Select a Payment Type and Overtime Configuration.
    Note: input compensation here will be used in calculating your Payroll.

  6. When compensation has been set, click Save Compensation to implement the new pay structure for the driver.

For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 ext2 or support@groundcloud.com.
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