Payroll Automation

Payroll Automation

The Payroll Automation page will calculate your drivers' hours and pay rate information and prepare it for submission to your payroll processing service. 

Hours information will populate from approved Timecards. Quantifiers for Overtime Hours and Double Overtime Hours are set in your Overtime Configuration

Total Pay will be calculated using hours, overtime hours and the Hourly Rate set in the payment section of your driver's Driver Details page. 


You can filter this report by using the dropdowns at the top of the page.

Start of Week: The first day included in the report.
For the Week Including: Date of the week included in the report.
With Drivers: Select drivers to be included in the report. By default all drivers will be shown.

Export for Processing

To export payroll information for the drivers and dates shown on your page, click .

A CSV file will be downloaded to your browser or Downloads folder.

This file is already configured for compatibility with major payroll processing services. No editing required - just upload/send this file to your payroll processor.

Payroll Automation is a GroundCloud Pro feature. To upgrade to GroundCloud Pro, visit

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