Pre-Work Mode

Pre-Work Mode

When logging into the GroundCloud Driver App, drivers will be able to view their schedule and adjust settings prior to starting their shift. Route information, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, and safety coaching will be accessible when a driver selects that they are ready to start their day.

 iOS app version, or Android version, is needed to see the Pre-Work Mode features. Check app version.

Enable Pre-Work Mode

Pre-Work Mode can be enabled from the Settings page of the GroundCloud Management portal.

Select 'Driver apps should start in pre-work mode'.

This will allow drivers to see these pages prior to starting their work day:
  1. Dashboard (No route information)

  2. Schedule 

  3. Notifications 

  4. Settings

  5. Messages

Click  at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Show Route Information

Pre-Work Mode has an option to allow drivers to view their route information prior to starting their work day. 

Select 'Driver apps in pre-work mode can see route data'.

This setting will populate the Dashboard page, giving access to:

  1. Dashboard (With route information)

  2. Schedule 

  3. Notifications 

  4. Settings

  5. Messages

Click  to save changes.

Enable Pre-Work Mode Geofence

Pre-Work Mode has an option to prevent drivers from starting work outside of the terminal's geofence.
Select 'Drivers apps in pre-work mode cannot start work outside geofence.'
Click  to save changes.

Once enabled, when a driver attempts to Start Work in the app but is outside the terminal's geofence, they will be prompted with: 

NOTE: This setting only works if the 'Driver apps should start in Pre-Work Mode' is also enabled.
NOTE: This setting applies to all terminals listed under the Contact & Terminals tab. 

For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 or

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