Qualification Certification FAQ

Qualification Certification FAQ

This article covers frequently asked questions for the Qualification Certification Courses.
For information on course content, please read the course overview, and watch the video below for how to sign up!

Qualified Candidates

To verify if an individual meets the Certified Trainer conditions, the service provider (or its designee) verifies the Certified Trainer status in MyGroundBizAccount (MGBA) by:
  1. Log into MGBA
  2. Select - Main Menu
  3. Select - Workforce Documentation
  4. Select Associated / Disassociated Workforce
  5. On the dashboard, refer to column titled “Road Test Qualified Observed”
    1. If status is “Yes,” the individual meets Certified Trainer conditions.
    2. If status is “No,” the individual does not meet Certified Trainer conditions.
Candidates will need a standard, Class D license to participate in driving portions of the class.

Certification Duration

Once a candidate completes the course, they will be certified for 24 months. This certification is tied to the individual, who will remain certified regardless of which service provider they operate with.

Class Dates, Times, and Locations

Available courses and locations can be found on the GroundCloud events page : https://www.groundcloud.com/events/

Notification emails will be sent to current GroundCloud customers when classes are being held in your area. Events will be hosted monthly in major cities monthly, with other classes added weekly.

All courses are 8am-5pm local time, and run Monday through Friday.

Classes take place 50% in the classroom and 50% on the Driving Range and road. Please dress appropriately for the weather.

Ticket Availability

Each Qual Cert course has space for 8 attendees. 

If an event is filled:

  • You can call in to request an additional date.

    • Requests outside of the existing schedule will require 6 CSP attendees and a venue already in place to be confirmed. Venues should include a conference/meeting room and a lot at least 40x20 yards for driving instruction.

    • GroundCloud will cover the cost of the venue. Email ttt@groundcloud.com for more information.

  • GroundCloud will be holding 25+ events weekly across the country. New events are added daily, so stay tuned for the next in your area!

Ticket Sales End Dates

Attendees must be enrolled in the course with enough time for FedEx to confirm the attendee is certified to attend. This means there must be at least one business day between the sign up date and the date of the event. If an event is on Monday, the attendee must sign up by Thursday the previous week to allow enough time for FedEx to confirm.

Resending/Modifying Ticket Information

If you signed up for a course and need to change the attendee information, or need an additional copy of your ticket, contact GroundCloud Events at 218-864-7900 ext809 or ttt@groundcloud.com.

Refunds and Returns

If you have signed up for a course but can no longer attend the event:
  1. Tickets can be transferred to another available course.
  2. Tickets can be exchanged for a coupon code to be used for a future course.
  3. Tickets can be returned for a refund.

Prior to the Class

You will need to enroll in the 5 Day Pre-Class 5 Day Train-the-Trainer training on GroundCloud.io:
  1. Go to Training Courses
  2. Click on Enroll Driver
  3. Select the driver that is enrolled
  4. Choose 5 Day Pre-Class 5 Day Train-the-Trainer
  5. Click Enroll
Then, the training is accessed by logging into the website “www.groundcloud.io” using the person’s DRIVER username and password.  Select View Enrolled Trainings.

Additional Questions

Is there an option to attend the course as an observer?
You may attend the classroom portions of the course as as an observer. Cost for attending the course is $1000 - please email ttt@groundcloud.com to register.

I'm a new CSP, will all of my drivers need to take the 3 day class?
The 3-day class is for new drivers, 2-day is for current.

Is this program mandatory?
The Qual Cert program is mandatory when it takes effect in the Service Provider's Contract, but each service provider does not need to have a Certified Trainer. They can have another CT train their drivers.

What is a Certified Trainer?
Certified Trainers are qualified to give the 2-day and 3-day training and perform the road test.

Who should become a Certified Trainer?
Many BCs become Certified Trainers. If you are a larger company, it is a good idea to have multiple Certified Trainers as well.

Once certified in this training course, can drivers drive any size truck?
The vehicle size is based on the road test given by the Certified Trainer.

Can a Certified Trainer train in more Certified Trainers?
All Certified Trainers must be trained by a certified vendor.

If a driver becomes a Certified Trainer, then transfers to another CSP, will they need to be recertified?
All certifications are valid for 24 months regardless of CSP.

What should I bring to class?
A laptop, iPad or smartphone to review class materials.  You will receive a paper manual to take notes and review materials in class.  Lunches will be provided. Dress for the weather as portions of the class will be outside.

Please contact GroundCloud Events at 218-864-7900 ext809 or ttt@groundcloud.com to complete any of these options.

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