Starting a Shift

Starting a Shift

This article is an overview of the various ways to start a work shift.

Shift Start
There are a few ways for your drivers to clock in for the day.

Default shift start: GroundCloud will automatically start the shift when a driver logs in. This starts the shift without any restriction of time, location, or other considerations. To delay the default shift start and allow drivers to log in to view their shift schedule without starting their clock, you can enable Pre-Work Mode.

Geofence - Set up a geofence around your terminal. When drivers arrive within a set distance from the terminal (determined by you) they will be clocked in. This feature is useful when you want your drivers to be able to log into the app before they start work, to check in on their day for example. Once they enter the geofence their shift will automatically. 

    1. This function is not designed to restrict the manual clock in button but instead designed to restrict automatic clock in when the driver logs into the app. The Driver can always start the shift manually by hitting the “start-work” button. 

    2. The geofence applies to app based users. Users of the web-based time card will punch in normally

      Turn on the Geofence shift start:

      1. Go to 

      2. Go to the Settings tab towards the bottom of the left side.

      3. Click the “Enable geofence shift start” checkbox.

Clock-in padding - This function is designed to work in conjunction with either the default timekeeping mode or the geofenced shift restricted mode.  

    1. This functions by adding the specified amount of time to the start of the shift. This is particularly useful in the following use cases 

      1. Drivers that ONLY log in at the truck and you want to account for the time from the Security gate to the truck to be extra sure you are compliant with any paid work hour regulations. 

    2. Enabling the clicking padding setting 

      1. Go to 

      2. Go to the setting tab -

      3. Enter the desired value in the clock-in padding field. 

    First Delivery

    There is a fall back in case your drivers forget to clock in, or never entered the geofence to start work. This fall back will always start the shift on the first delivery confirmation or attempt. 

    Manual Shift Start

    Drivers can manually punch in from two locations:

      1. In the GroundCloud app under the timecard menu      

      2. Drivers logging into will be met with the following page where they have access to a punch in/out time card.

    For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 ext2 or

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