Subzones (Driver App)

Subzones (Driver App)

In this article we will go over how to use Subzones within the GroundCloud Driver App.

Subzones allow you to place features on the map to help give direction.
This is useful for:
  1. Stops with multiple buildings using the same address
  2. Entry gate locations and codes
  3. Military bases
  4. Recognizing landmarks
  5. Loading dock locations
  6. ... anything! Theyre fully customizable

  1. Login to the GroundCloud app
  2. Click on the Subzones tab from the side menu, here you will see your Subzones map
  3. Create a new feature set by searching for the address and clicking the +ADD button
  4. Once the address is showing in the bar, click NEW to create a new feature for that address

  5. Drag the corners of the feature into place on your map
  6. Click the EDIT button to adjust the label of the feature
  7. When the feature is set, click NEW to add another feature or click anywhere on the map to unselect the current feature. Features can be edited or deleted by touching them to select
  8. Once placed, they will show on your My Drive navigation whenever a stop appears at or near the address they are associated with

    The dropdown at the top of your Subzones page will show all created Subzones. You can select them from this list to view each, or swipe left on them from this list to edit their name.

    Note: You can place up to 100 features in each set. 

For support on Subzones, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 or

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