This is a Pro Feature

The Timecards page is where you can view, create, adjust, and approve driver timecards.

Timecards are created automatically for each driver, each day based on their time entries in the Driver App. The entries are then converted into worked shifts and available on this page the following day for adjustments and approval. Approved timecards are used when generating Payroll Reports.

Timecards are listed by:
Date - The date the timecard was recorded.
Driver - Name of the driver to which the timecard is associated.
Status - Approval status of the timecard.
            - Pending - The timecard is yet to be approved.
            - Approved - The timecard has been approved.
Shift Time - The start and stop time of the shift.
Shift Hours - Duration of the shift.
Break Hours - Duration of breaks taken during the shift.

Timecards can be filtered by date and approval status.
Use the date range field to view timecards on a certain day or from a period of time.

By default all timecards will be shown. Select Approved to return a list of only timecards that have been approved.

Approve a Timecard

The Timecard approval process click an individual timecard to view its details below. Here you can adjust, approve, or discard the timecard.
  1. Log in to the management portal using a manager account that has personnel permissions
  2. Go to the Timecards tab under the Scheduling section
  3. Click on the desired Timecard which will open at the bottom of the page
  4. Make any edits necessary to the Date or Start and End time
  5. Once the Timecard is correct, click  from the top or the bottom of the page

Timecards can also be mass-approved by using the dropdown next to the Approve button in the upper right. This option will approve all timecards currently listed on this page. 

To approve all timecards for a selected date range you may need to select Approve All on multiple pages using the page navigation options.

Add a Timecard

If a driver missed punching in, or a worked shift is missing from their schedule, new timecards are able to be created from scratch to record those hours.
  1. Log in to the management portal using a manager account that has personnel permissions
  2. Go to the Timecards tab under the Scheduling section

  3. Select  in the upper right of the Timecards page. This will open a blank timecard in the lower portion of this page

  4. Input the necessary information for this timecard:
    1. Select the driver from the dropdown
    2. Select the date for the timecard
    3. Adjust the Start and End time
    4. Add any breaks taken
  5. Once this information has been input, the Worked Shift shown in the calendar box should update. Click  to finalize the timecard

Edit a Timecard

In order to edit a Timecard, it must be in a Pending state.
  1. Log in to the management portal using a manager account that has personnel permissions
  2. Go to the Timecards tab under the Scheduling section
  3. In order to edit a Timecard, it must be in a Pending state

  4. Click on the Timecard that you would like to edit, and it will display at the bottom of the page where you can make any adjustments. Once a modification has been made, the  button will appear

  5. After a Timecard has been approved, it can be edited or discarded by selecting the Timecard and clicking Unapprove

  6. This will return the Timecard to Pending, where it can be re-approved, modified, or deleted
For additional questions, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 ext2 or support@groundcloud.com.

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