Updating Stop Location

Updating Stop Location

GroundCloud will navigate drivers to the the street address of stops, however, some delivery addresses will have multiple delivery locations or a delivery location that differs from the marked street address. When marking off a stop as delivered, drivers will have the option to adjust the stop location if they are outside of the set delivery radius. This article will go over how to set the delivery radius, and update stop locations.

Delivery Check Radius

The Delivery Check Radius sets an area on the map surrounding each stop in which a driver can deliver a package. 

The radius is shown on the map as a blue circle surrounding the stop on the map.

To adjust this radius, log into your management portal and go to the Settings page.

This radius will determine how close to the marked stop location drivers will need to be in order to complete the stop.

Updating Location

If a driver attempts to deliver a package while outside of the delivery check radius, they will receive this prompt:

OK - No Delivery: Keeps stop marked as undelivered.
Set Stop to Current Location: Will update the location of the stop to the drivers current location.
Override Distance Check: Marks the stop as delivered without a location update.

Selecting Set Stop to Current Location will create a new marker at the current location showing the distance from the stop.
This will reveal 3-4 pins for this stop:
Current Parking Location: The current marked parking location.
Current Door Location: The current marked door location. (This marker will not appear if no door location has been set).
New Parking Location: The new parking location from this location update.
New Door Location: The new door location from this location update.

How to Add and Move Location Pins
If no door location has been set, you can select . This will add a Door Delivery pin to the map that can be placed at the appropriate location. 

Click and hold on the New Location pins to drag and drop them to the updated locations. Drivers will be directed to the parking location of each stop, then the door location for delivery. Newly set location updates will be saved and applied to this address for all future deliveries. Location updates are accurate to address line 2 stop information, so stop updates can be made for multiple delivery points with a shared street address.

Viewing Location Updates

Location updates made by drivers can be viewed and deleted from the Location Updates page of the management portal. All Location Updates are found on this page paired with the driver who made the update.

In the upper left, you can sort by driver name. This will return a list of all the location updates done by that driver.  On the right hand side, you can click the  icon to delete individual updates, or click on the  button to delete all stop location updates done by that driver.

Please make note of the page selection to ensure you are only deleting unwanted updates.

For additional questions on Location Updates, please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 opt2 or support@groundcloud.com.

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