The Vehicles page lists all vehicles in your fleet.

Vehicles can be filtered by their Active Status, Contract, or Vehicle Type

Active status can be adjusted from the vehicle details page. By default, only active vehicles will be shown.
Select a contract from the dropdown to only view the vehicles associated with it.
Vehicle type can be input in the Vehicle Details page of each vehicle, or when creating a new vehicle

Add Vehicle

To add a new vehicle to your fleet, click the  button on your Vehicles page.

Fill in the new vehicle information in the Add Vehicle window.
  1. Vehicle ID: The identifying ID for this vehicle. 
  2. Nickname: You have an option to give vehicles nicknames. Nicknames can be anything you would like (or nothing at all), and will be visible across your GroundCloud account.
  3. Vehicle Type: The type of vehicle, Box Truck, Step Van, etc. 
  4. VIN: 17-character Vehicle Identification Number.
  5. Year: The model year of the vehicle.
  6. Make: The brand of the vehicle.
  7. Model: The specific type of vehicle within the brand.
  8. State: State in which the vehicle is registered
  9. Plate: License plate number of the vehicle.
  10. Contract ID: Select the contract ID to which you would like this vehicle associated.
  11. Contracted Service Type: Select if this vehicle is used for P&D or Line Haul.
  12. Domicile/Primary Station: The terminal out of which the vehicle is operating, used when generating Maintenance Reports.
  13. Maintenance Terminal: Which terminal this vehicle will primarily use for maintenance.
  14. Cargo Capacity: Cubic feet or length of the vehicle.
  15. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: Maximum total safe weight of the vehicle.
  16. Unladen Weight: Weight of the vehicle when empty.
  17. Fuel Type: The fuel type of the vehicle.
  18. Borrowed: Check this box if this is a borrowed vehicle. Input the date this vehicle will be borrowed until in the calendar.

Click  to create and save the new vehicle. Created vehicles will be listed on the Vehicles page of your portal.

Vehicle Details

Click on a vehicle ID number to open its Vehicle Details page.

Vehicle information can be adjusted by clicking .

Use the drop down arrow to Deactivate or Reactivate the current vehicle.

Active vehicles will be shown on your Vehicles page by default. Inactive vehicles can be shown by adjusting the drop down on that page.

The Vehicle Details page is also where you can create and manage the Maintenance Reminders and Maintenance Records of the individual vehicle.

For additional questions please contact GroundCloud Support at 218-864-7900 opt2 or

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